Expand your wireless product line

While CloudGate’s modular hardware and open software architecture provide for basic customization across a limitless number of applications – we frequently work with companies looking to expand their product lines into wireless for the first time or do something different and beyond their in-house capabilities.

Leverage our wireless experience

Option helps our clients “push the envelope” and to react quickly to market changes – positioning them to gain a competitive advantage and differentiate their offerings, to drive sales and profitability.  We also work with organizations which seek to leverage our years of specialized wireless communications experience to speed time-to-market, reduce risk and proactively avoid product design and development pitfalls.

OptionLab in-house facility

Option Engineering Services, and its in-house and fully equipped OptionLab, are here to help you recognize and capitalize on market opportunities.  From early stage product feasibility assessments, to final product manufacturing, Option Engineering Services can support your full range of needs

Unparalleled R&D incentives

Flanders provides a wide range of R&D incentives in the form of fellowships, grants, subsidies, etc. to fund your innovative R&D projects up to 80%. More information here.